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Highlights From The Soul Barkada’s Michael Jackson Tribute Concert!

ESB MBar MJ Tribute

A week ago, we performed a one-time-only all-Michael Jackson covers set at its performance at  Hand and Heart presents: Rock With You – a Michael Jackson Tribute Benefit at Hollywood’s MBar, on the eve of Jackson’s 51st birth anniversary. The band, which normally dresses in a single color scheme (with me wearing a contrasting color), all wore “Black or White” in honor of The King Of Pop’s 1991 hit.

It was a challenge to fit all eight members of the band onto the tiny stage, and I had to settle for the floor, but the band nonetheless went into a Thriller of a performance. Also performing were singers Tricia Jamanila and Christine Aquino, who sang short all-MJ/Jackson 5 sets of their own backed up by bands Rhythm Natives and The Big Pill. The entire event, which benefited handandheart.org, garnered over $1400. So we’re proud to have done our part in “Healing the World.”

This was also the first gig for our new guitarist, August Schmid, the first time I had Dennis play synth bass on my vintage Yamaha DX7 (for “Remember The Time” and “Another Part Of Me,” and the first time I used a sampler in a Soul Barkada show (for the “whip crack” effects and Captain EO samples)!

The setlist comprised of (click links for video):

1. Off The Wall
2. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
3. Remember The Time
4. I Can’t Help It
5. She’s Out Of My Life
6. Another Part Of Me
7. The Lady In My Life
8. Billie Jean
9. We Are The World (joined by Tricia Jamanila and Christine Aquino)

Watch some highlights here:

“Billie Jean”

“Another Part Of Me” (with the Captain EO intro)

“I Can’t Help It”

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