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The Show Around The Corner

So again I got to meld my music and community worlds tonight by performing for a benefit show three blocks from home at The Fountain Room, which is a multipurpose room shared by two local churches. The benefit was for their Christmas toy program, which will benefit some 500 kids in the community this December. The main organizer, JR Woodward, is a fellow interim board member of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, so we got to show some EHNC propaganda, including the “This is East Hollywood” video. But I played a short set on keyboard and guitar, playing solo versions of Soul Barkada songs (like “Hearts,” “Invisible” and “Love Fall Down,” as well as some soul covers (Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s In Need of Love Today” and Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come”) of course I had to play “My Part of Town.” The Breezy Lovejoy Band, who also threw sown some soulful jams, also performed and they were cool too, I got a chance to network with them for a possible future shared-bill gig. this woman who worked at my old orthodontist’s office way back during my dental imprisonment days recognized me, and one of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council members who came to the EHNC’s last meeting decided to drop by (and won a few raffle prizes as well). A nice, positive kinda event.