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The 18th Anniversary of my 18th Birthday…

Well that was nice…I was greeted with (automatic) birthday greetings in my Yahoo! mailbox by various forums that I had registered for. Also got one on my main email account from the Saturn Fans forum (car-related).

So Sunday was, my 36th the 18th anniversary of my 18th birthday. Time marches on and stops for no one. Damn.

I can get truly personal and discuss in detail the ramifications regarding the new age that I attained, but I guess I better not. Which is silly since isn’t that what a blog is for?

Anyway, Sunday was very low-key. I woke up late, had breakfast at nearby Square One Dining which was a mere two blocks away and read the Sunday Times there and enjoyed a real tasty French toast with apples, pecans and whipped cream. The bill was rather high, but I guess I had to spoil myself somehow on this day. I sang in the choir at church then had the requisite low-key family celebration. Didn’t really matter since the big party will be on Friday, which is done on purpose since people are usually either out of town or entertaining out of town guests on Thanksgiving weekend.

Time moves on. Tomorrow I’ll have a rhythm section rehearsal with the band. Saturday night I got called to do a Top40 band gig in the ‘burbs. Oh yeah, and today, I formally launched the website of a “secret” side project. I’ll have to explain it to you sometime if you don’t understand it.

I have many things in life that I’m thankful for, yet I can’t say I’m totally happy. A few things in life constantly elude me, and become constant subject matter to my songs. But I’ll tackle that another time.