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Background Check (1,2)

Been doing some recording this past month, nailing down Louie’s and Lisa’s (above) background vocals for some more tunes on May 1 and May 18. All of the tracks were recorded at their place in the Valley, as they have a small DAW studio setup built around ProToolsLE (which I’m no fan of, but know enough to record tracks). They got to lay down the background vocals for “Let’s Go Outside,” “Invisible” and “Everyone Together” while I engineered in the next room. The cool thing about digital recording (aside from the cut and paste process)? The ability to copy the recorded files into a USB stick.

Louie adds some tracks.

I, Engineer: Me being quite the ProTools fool.

Recently I assessed how many tracks/parts have been finished and how many have yet to be done. Looks like I’m more done than not done in this recording endeavor!