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Lotus Festival After All!

After 9 months of hiatus, the Soul Barkada is playing again!

We were originally told, after submitting out Lotus Festival paperwork, that it was fully booked and they couldn’t fit us anywhere, but after one act canceled, they contacted us for a Sunday July 15 performance at 2:55 p.m., making it our fourth consecutive appearance at the festival.

This time, it’s just Miguel on drums, Vince on guitar and me on vocals…and bass. Yes, I get a rare opportunity to play my second instrument with my band in public (and since Dennis plays keys also, maybe I should try to work out playing bass more often). The rest of the band is on vacation. But after seeing The Police rock out at Dodger Stadium last month, a three-piece can do the trick (plus I get to play Sting for the day…). We had a rehearsal on Monday night and will rehearse again tonight before the big show on Sunday. We’ll also be doing an Isley Brothers cover. Come check it out!