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Course of Action

So I decide to write an email to the whole band…

From: Elson Trinidad
[members of The Soul Barkada]
Sent: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 2:40 am
Subject: [soul barkada] Recording & A Plan of Action

Folks –

I realized that I have three choices here: 1) Sit, mope and point the blame on whatever and whoever for the gigs that never were, resulting in nothing; 2) Stay the same course of action we have been for the past three years and fill our schedule with gigs that get us nowhere a la Chow Fun or 3) Really do something substantial here.

There are some really good places around town (and even out of town, maybe even out of the country) that I want us to play, but I seriously doubt they can be attained by options 1 or 2.
Also, constantly playing gigs is great, but what is the ultimate purpose?

I’ve been sitting on this recording project for the past three years, with a bunch of songs in various stages of completion. I will admit most of the procrastination is my fault (i.e. wasting a lot of time online when I should be recording music), and a portion of it is waiting for people or situations to arise…

So the short-term goal here is to finish a handful of songs that can be provided on a nice demo to give to venues, booking people, etc. and the long-term goal is to finish the damn CD so there’s something to promote (and sell) when we play out.

So now that our lives (or at least for five of us) don’t revolve around June 16, 2007 anymore, I really want to get things going here, ,in a different direction.
I go on mentioning the songs that need to be finished, including who’s needed for any unfinished tracks. Vince emails me saying I neglected to mention his name, but I assured him that my songs have already had Vince Reyes Guitar Magic ™ for months, and even years…But he’ll be needed for any new songs, which haven’t been recorded yet.

In a long-ago time, I would have moped…but I’m old enough to realize that gets you nowhere.

I’m too old to be nowhere…